Web Marketing

So you have a fully functioning digital platform, but now you need to utilise it to meet its potential. Do you need support looking under the hood of your website, carrying out reports on your web traffic to understand your strengths, and reaching out to your target audience? My services can deliver a bespoke analysis and marketing campaign to fit your objectives.

The process is simple. I will work closely with you to discover your objectives across your online channels. We then identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), such as sign ups, increasing revenue or lead generation, and then begin to understand your target audience and how they engage with your platform. We can find out your audience demographics, their needs and how to turn them into business opportunities.

Utilising this data, we can plan highly effective marketing campaigns to return a greater value of investment that your organisation deserves.

web marketing process description start to finish

Recent web marketing solutions

Self-Publishing Magazine

The brand was undergoing a transition from print to online. The product needed to be dynamic and exciting for the target audience. Post-launch, I analysed web traffic and presented the team with information for a data-driven content approach.

Launch Site

Foley Park Dental

I took over the management of the website as an on going project. Since then I have made web alterations and compiled detailed reports based on the business web traffic and identified the strengths and weaknesses of the websites performance.

Launch Site

The Book Guild

The website was developed from the ground up and launched in 2016. Key objectives were to increase the accessibility of the company online, increase sales and produce a online database for staff.

Launch Site

Self-Publishing Conference

The website was relaunched with a new look and an overall re-brand. Now mobile friendly and supported by multimedia, the objectives are to increase awareness of the event and encourage signups.

Launch Site

Additional Services

Not sure what you are looking for? I can also provide:

  • Server side maintenance, migrations and upgrades
  • One-to-one training on day-to-day platform usage
  • Custom changes to your existing websites
  • Web traffic analysis
  • User experience audits
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Landing page design and development
  • E-mail campaign support
  • Social Media consultancy

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